Feasibility: (Assured Timely Enrollment)

PRORELIX RESEARCH believes that close working relationship with our investigators allows PRORELIX research to identify the geographic areas well known for the prevalence of the targeted indication. All regulatory requirements are then reviewed and timelines developed for each country to ensure that regulatory approvals will permit adherence to the project timelines. PRORELIX RESEARCH then works directly with the most suitable sites in each geography. Sites are only considered if they have proven they can deliver a combination of acceptable enrollment, high subject retention, and data quality. Further, each site is requested to identify potential patients in advance of study start-up, thus increasing the likelihood of meeting enrollment targets.

A rigorous assessment of country and site level feasibility is critical to trial success and must be implemented early in trial planning. Without detailed and accurate feasibility data on which to base country and site selection, a reliable prediction of enrollment rate and therefore successful planning of trial milestones is impossible, which in turn compromises the success of the trial.

The more informed and better engineered clinical trials are, the more likely they will stay within budget and be on time. This is why we offer comprehensive feasibility studies as a component of full-service trials and also as a feasibility consulting offering. Our goal is to save you time and costs in the long run.

At ProRelixResearch, we draw on our knowledge base of vast clinical research experience, site relationships, regulatory considerations, and industry catalysts to provide a level of insight that is not attainable using traditional feasibility assessments.

While for some, feasibility assessments are synonymous with querying investigators and facilitating questionnaires, you can expect a more expansive and critical view of the clinical research environment from our feasibility analysis.

Our feasibility study services are customized to meet your specific clinical trial needs and include:

  • Protocol review and design analysis
  • Site profile analysis
  • Site and patient motivation assessment
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Feasibility data analysis
  • Screening and enrolment rate analysis
  • Geographic optimization analysis

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